Paul Go

Lead Architect

Paul is an eccentric technical architect that has spent far too much time studying the morphisms between compiler theory and user interface. He left high school early to do his first startup. Then at the ripe young age of 21, he designed Stylizer, the ground-breaking cross-platform CSS IDE that brought the concept of real-time CSS design to the world.

Kim Parnell

Technical Evangelist

Kim is a charismatic, outgoing, people magnet with a history of starting, growing and selling companies. As a person who "isn't supposed" to be a programmer", she intuits the logic of code like the most gifted developers. In her diverse history, she's been a neuroscientist, an actress, a TV producer, a speaker, a business advisor, a weight lifting enthusiast, and the rest of the Back I/O team is still learning what else.

Nicholas Bering

Devops Engineer

Nick has had a fairly atypical journey into the world of code. He started life on a family farm, and worked there most of his life. As the complexities of the business grew, his job became less about farming duties and more about writing specialized software to run the business. He has experience with a vast array of front-end frameworks, testing tools, IoT systems, database administration, and project management.

Gurminder Kandola

Advisory Board Member

Gurminder is a seasoned technical executive with extensive experience scaling organizations from early startups to publicly traded companies. He has two successful exits under his belt, and is currently the CTO of Viafoura, a company that provides audience analytics and insights to large brands.

Madusha Cooray

Advisory Board Member

Few people have seen the insides of more ventures than Madusha. As the startup services manager at Communitech, it's his job to have his ear to the ground on everything. He's a human startup encylopedia, and brings a wealth of insights around startup community trends that are invaluable to our decision making.

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