What is Back I/O's pricing model?

Back I/O is currently in open beta, and we haven't announced any pricing yet. Expect pricing levels to be competitive, and suitable for 1-man startups through to enterprises.

Does/Will Back I/O work with languages other than JavaScript?

We've chosen to architect Back I/O around JavaScript, because the technical reasons to use any other language for app development are increasingly becoming far and few between. Modern JavaScript compilers bring the performance to near-native. The commonly stated grievances with the language have been fixed by TypeScript and ES6. Truly native apps can (and should) be built with ReactNative or NativeScript where possible. And for all other mobile app edge cases, there is Fuse.

Is Back I/O Open Source?

Back I/O's mission is to deal with the complexities of designing and managing server architectures for developers, and as such, we chosen to keep the platform as a proprietary, fully-managed service.

Where/How is my data being stored?

Back I/O currently runs on Microsoft Azure. Data is stored durably in a modified version of PostgreSQL, configured with hot standbys and scheduled backups.

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