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The value of all file properties is a special object. When no file is assigned, the containing property is null. When a file is assigned, it contains an object with the parameters described below.

var employee = new Employee();
employee.resume === null; // true

employee.resume = document.querySelector("INPUT[type=file]");

// A valid file assignment has now been made, 
// so the members below become valid: = "resume.pdf";
employee.resume.mimeType = "application/pdf";
employee.resume.onprogress = percent => console.log(percent + "% complete");
employee.resume.oncomplete = () => console.log("Uploaded!");

Class definition (TypeScript)

class FileValue
	name: string;
	url: string;
	progress: (percent: number) => void;
	complete: (success: boolean) => void;

Accepted File Types

File properties accept objects of the following type:


The name to assign to the file when the file is downloaded. If this setting is left out, when the file is downloaded, the resultant file name will be an ugly SHA256 hash.
The mime type associated with the file. Assigning an appropriate mime type can reduce the likeliness of the browser displaying the file incorrectly. See this page for more information about mime types.
A read-only string property that stores the publicly-accessible URL where the file can be downloaded.
The function that will be invoked at regular intervals during the upload procedure to notify the application of upload progress. The parameter is a number between 0 and 1 that indicates the progress percentage.
The function that will be invoked when the upload is complete. The parameter is a boolean value indicating whether the upload succeeded.
Cancels an upload. Has no effect if no upload is in progress.