Getting Started


Query Modifiers

.where() .sort()

Query Predicates

.equals() .notEquals() .exists() .notExists() .startsWith() .endsWith() .contains() .greaterThan() .lessThan() .between() .outside()

Query Executors

.read() .first() .last() .count() .sum() .average() .min() .max() .update() .delete()

Login Methods

.exists() .login() .logout()

Instance Methods

.read() .delete()

Instance Login Methods

.login() .logout() .changePassword()


Back.then() Back.saved() Back.user() Back.eachProperty() Back.eachDescendant() IFile Property LoginResult


Stores a reference to the user object that the current user is authenticated as. Stores null if there is no authenticated user. Refer to the authentication methods for more information about logging in users.

Employees.login(employee =>
	// Both are true if the login was successful:
	Back.user === employee;
	Back.user instanceof Employee;

Property signature (TypeScript)

user: UserInstance;